FOWT: Dynamic Structural Analysis

Research Motivation

Floating OWT (FOWT) offers a favorable solution for deepwater wind power. However, commercial FOWTs are mostly at the early stage of development comparing to the relatively mature technology of fixed-foundation turbines. To this end, this study initiates exploratory efforts in Taiwan’s FOWT development.


Referring to the 5 MW and 15 MW floating OWT models developed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, this study develops a tactic FOWT model consisting of a semi-submersible platform, mooring system, and anchorage. Numerical analysis is executed to explore the structural dynamics and mooring limit state design concerning different weather conditions.

Future Prospects

Seeking the floating platform design, mooring system, and anchorage form most suitable for Taiwan water is imperative in Taiwan wind power development. We are foreseeing more collaborative efforts from the wind power sector, academia, and government administration are engaged and contributed to enhancing Taiwan’s competitive strength in the global offshore wind market.

Result Validation

Studies on Reinforcement of Semi-submersible floating OWTs

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